Sunday, 10 March 2019

February Challenge: Linen/linens

Well, hello! My favourite fabric, especially when it's a lovely, hot summer!

Our beautiful botanic gardens here in Wellington, NZ turned 150 this February, and we celebrated with a Victoria picnic. Friends were happy to join me in costume at the event...and as usual, I had nothing to wear. I actually literally mean Nothing To Wear, as I have no Victorian clothing at all, beyond the chemise and corset I made last year - yet to blog about.

Sunday, 30 December 2018

December 2018 - the final challenges

Despite not being actually on holiday, I fell into the spirit of things and started a list of 'Things To Complete Before the End of the Year'. This can either go one of two ways: it can motivate me, or, which is far more likely, it can completely terrify me and after throwing myself into a complete spin of indecision and confusion, I get absolutely nothing done.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

A White Regency Evening Gown

This gown has been a long time made now! I purchased the fabric while on holiday with my family nearly 2 years ago now, sewed it during the following year, and I have finally had the opportunity to  wear and photograph it! Last month we had our first Historical Weekend in a beautiful cottage on lovely grounds up the coast. Our Sunday meal was designated as a Regency Tea, which was incredibly fun! Not only did we all have gowns to wear that suited the era, our amazing Nina and Leimomi organised some gorgeous dishes for the meal in keeping with the style...who knew cucumber could be dressed so many ways?! I will be including some more photos from the weekend in future posts, assuming I manage to get some kind of organisation in my life! But for now, I'll feature the regency gown.