How to Insert a Sleeve Gusset

These can be tricky to visualise! Here are simple, step-by-step instructions on how to sew up this vital starting point of mens shirts and women's shifts etc.

With right sides facing, and matching raw seam allowances of sleeve end and underarm, pin Gusset  end of sleeve.
Sew using a running stitch, and stop and secure your stitching before the lower seam allowance.
Fold the gusset in half diagonally, wrong side together.
Fold the sleeve in half, right sides together, over the diagonally folded gusset.

Pin, marking where first seam ended at seam allowance.
Unfold the diagonally folded Gusset, sew using a running stitch, stopping at the marked seam end point.

The two Gusset seams.
Pin the remainder of under arm seam on sleeve.
Sew this using a running stitch.

Sleeve opened out, inside out.
Sleeve opened out, right side out. 

Following this, it's time to Flat Fell this seam to make it last and last and last and last...

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