Thursday, 8 February 2018

Finding self expression when in life-survival mode!

Finally a cup of tea! (Namibia)
It's the beginning of 2018! The beginning of the year is always a good time to reasses your life and in what direction the currents of influence in your life have turned you.
Have you met new people who have swayed your interest towards activities you previously weren't aware of? Or maybe you have been dreaming for years of a particular hobby that you never thought you'd bring into reality in your life, and your life situation has changed to allow your to have time to pursue these? Or even your work position has changed one way or another and you have more or even less time for yourself?

I had a drastic change in my life last August, when I had to take over the running of our second business previously run by managers. My time was no longer spent running my beautiful home and garden, driving around after our three teenage kids, and helping out in our other business when needed. Everything that wasn't survival was put aside. I really grieved the lifestyle that we had created over 18 years of marriage and business. The first thing that was cut and scrapped was my hobbies. Isn't that always the way?? 

This summer we had a five week holiday. In 18 years of business we have never taken more than two weeks holiday over summer, but our main business was running so well that we decided to take the kids to Africa before they all started flying the nest! It was intoxicating, the idea of that kind of time away from work. And then August's bombshell hit. My husband insisted that come hell or high water, we were going on that holiday we had booked and paid for, and so Christmas rolled around and off we flew! What on earth would our businesses do without us??

Me and the kids with our Land Cruiser in Namibia

Of course, they were fine. Nothing burned down, customers still came and spent money. And during that time I realised how much of myself I had lost by putting my own interests and timeout on hold. 

Nope, time to get things back in balance. 

So what is the year going to look like, considering my responsibility haven't actually changed!?

Sewing is my time out and my creative spirit. Also, my home and garden are a huge passion, especially until both are completed renovated. I am determined to keep pursuing my historical sewing, gardening and interior decorating with a few tweaks...

2018 Hobbies Schedule:
I am going to try out alternate months focusing on sewing and home, both in practice and in blogging. The month will, in theory, start and end with a group sewing event. During the sewing off-month, I can store up ideas and plans, to be put into action once the month rolls around.

How am I actually going to put this into action? That remains to be seen, and when I figure that out, I'll let you know! Do you know the biggest challenge? Saying no! Isnt this the hardest thing?

Happy new year xx
Victoria Falls, Zambia

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