Monday, 5 June 2017

Chill Up My Spine over an 8-year old post

Now that was weird.

I'm trying to connect with other historical sewers in my area, and have spent some time looking through The Dreamstress' website. She lives in my area of Wellington and so far I have not been able to get in contact with her - there doesn't seem to be many in our little New Zealand, so I have discovered!

Do you see anything familiar about the below two links??

This one by The Dreamstress

and this one? my first post I think (scroll to near the bottom)

Yes, my husband and I featured in her blog nearly 10 years ago, LONG before I even considered actually sewing a dress like it. We are also in the third picture as well - I can easily spot my husband with his overgrown red curls and gold coat!

I certainly hope that we are considered "Gorgeous, inspiration-worthy rental costumes" rather than the ones she had to "refrain from being a costume snark"! I know we were certainly "awkward and self-conscious of how to act"! Yep, Leimomi has a very good understanding of how it is for us debutants.

It certainly gives one a funny feeling when you open a page and there you are!

What a lot of lace!

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